Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter to the editor responding to calls to defund Planned Parenthood

In Beverly Nuckols letter of March 28 she seems quite concerned that her tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on safe, legal medical procedures for women. Republicans in Congress want to deny government employees insurance coverage for that same medical procedure because tax dollars pay for that insurance.

I want them consider something similar for men. As a tax payer I am offended that my tax dollars and insurance premiums go to pay for penile implants and erectile dysfunction drugs for 70 year old unmarried men.

In addition since Ms. Nuckols will certainly justify her objection to abortions on religious grounds then to be logically consistent she should consider that if God intended everyone to be able to procreate then they would, therefore since some men can’t it must be because God intended it that way and we have no business intervening with modern medicine. Of course by extension then all of modern medicine is questionable. Should we stop repairing defective heart valves in newborns? What about surgery to correct cleft palates and hare lips? Should we stop treating cancer?

I’m 81 years old and I’ve seen a lot over the years, I find Ms. Nuckols desire to force her version of morality down the throats of everyone else particularly offensive.

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