Friday, March 11, 2011

GOP mess in Texas - published in the Seguin Gazette

The Texas Education Agency projected in their February 22, 2011 report that due to cuts in state funding for education Guadalupe County will lose about $9.5 million for fiscal year 2012. These funding cuts will translate into the loss of 237 school district employees in Guadalupe based on the average Texas school employee salary. Even worse than that is the projected economic impact on the private sector where the Center for Public Policy Priorities reports an expected loss of 331 jobs in Guadalupe. That means nearly 570 more Guadalupe residents unemployed.

While many believe that this is all due to a bad economy a little research will show you that in reality our governor and the Republican controlled legislature have created this fiscal disaster.

They've cut taxes on the rich and covered the budget shortfall by raiding dedicated funds like the gas tax which is supposed to pay for roads and bridges but has instead been dropped into the general fund. Now that the dedicated fund is essentially broke Gov. Perry wants to toll every road in sight.

To recap our Governor and his Republican colleagues in the state legislature have given away the store and now they're willing to force the county to cut over 237 school teachers, bus drivers and cafeteria workers as well as let our roads and bridges crumble all in the name of lower taxes for a few rich friends.

I wonder how many of those unemployed teachers will lose their homes to foreclosure.

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