Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why not treat KBR and Halliburton just like ACORN?

A few weeks ago after the release of video showing ACORN employees giving advice on how to break the law to receive housing assistance Congress immediately wrote and passed legislation to eliminate funding for the entire organization. No one was prosecuted for criminal behavior because no laws were broken and no one came to any harm over the actions of the ACORN employees.

Halliburton and KBR on the other hand are responsible for the deaths and illness of our brave service men and women in Iraq and according to testimony before a Senate committee, by Master Electricians Jim Childs and Eric Peters, KBR resisted any efforts to correct the defects that caused the deaths for nearly a year thereby continuing to endanger our military and civilian workers.

Halliburton's misconduct and gross negligence such putting in showers in Iraq that end up electrocuting soldiers, and feeding them poisoned water haven’t stopped them from continuing to receive federal contracts and billons of dollars. According to Florida Representative Alan Grayson the federal funding ACORN has received over the past twenty years is approximately equal to what Halliburton receives in a single day of the Iraq War. Why are we still doing business with companies negligently doing harm to our soldiers but we drop ACORN like a hot rock because a few low level employees gave bad advice instead of calling the police.

Our legislators saw fit to defund ACORN, the same standard should be applied to all federal contracts.

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