Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Greg Abbott's family values apparently include statutory rape and draft dodging

Greg Abbott, Republican candidate for governor, has been campaigning and drawing crowds with Ted Nugent. The aging rock star has publicly bragged about his sexual encounters with under age girls. As the father of a teenage daughter, I am outraged at Nugent’s behavior but Greg Abbott, currently the Texas Attorney General, continues palling around with Nugent and that’s reprehensible. What does it say about Greg Abbott’s family values that he enthusiastically embraces a sexual predator who has admitted to multiple counts of statutory rape?

Nugent claims to be a true patriot and supporter of the Second Amendment yet he once told an interviewer that he dodged the draft during the Viet Nam war by defecating in has pants and continuing to wear them for days until his appearance before the draft board. Abbott claims he’ll defend Texas and our constitution yet he publicly associates himself with an admitted draft dodger. Nugent later claimed he had pulled the wool over the reporter’s eyes, so either way he’s been disrespectful of those who served our nation, many of whom gave their very lives for it. What does Abbott’s continued embrace of Nugent say about his idea of patriotism?

How can any Texan calling themselves patriots not be outraged? How can any man who respects women not be outraged that a high government official and seeker of yet higher office associates with someone as repulsive as Ted Nugent?

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