Sunday, December 23, 2012

Response to letter against military budget reductions

In Beverly Nuckols letter published December 18 she states “Because of air travel, any enemy is no more than a few hours away — or only minutes, as North Korea demonstrated last week with their rocket launch.” She mentions it as if it were some reason not to reduce our bloated military budget. Osama bin Laden wasn’t deterred from attacking this nation by our vast military superiority as exemplified by 5,200 nuclear missiles or 10 aircraft carriers we had then and still have today. None of those weapons could have stopped the Twin Towers from being destroyed and none were used to kill bin Laden yet our military budget increased by around $300 billion per year over the last 22 years.

Nuckols also says we should begin by eliminating budget items added since 2009. I’m all for that since one of the first things added was funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which the Bush administration had kept out of the budget so it would look like it wasn’t affecting our national deficit.

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