Sunday, September 16, 2012

TEA Party candidate in SD25 afraid to face voters

Who’s afraid of John Courage in Senate District 25? Donna Campbell, that’s who. After watching Courage and Campbell being interviewed by the San Antonio Express News editorial board for an hour I can understand why she doesn’t want to be seen in the same room as Courage. She’s both clueless and inarticulate; most of her responses were TEA Party rhetoric without specifics.

With nearly half a million voters in Senate District 25 yet to hear from Campbell she’s only been seen at TEA Party events and cowering at the homes of existing supporters. Campbell won’t accept invitations to be interviewed by opinion writers for the major newspapers in the district. When she and Courage have been invited to non-partisan candidate forums she has refused the invitation which means those organizations won’t let Courage address their members either because they don’t want to be seen as partisan. When voters ask her questions she doesn’t want to respond to on her Facebook page she bans them.

John Courage recognizes that Texas per pupil funding for education is near the bottom in the U.S. causing overcrowded classrooms in which there aren’t even enough desks for the students. Campbell’s solution is to violate the Texas Constitution and provide half the per student funds to pay part of the tuition at religious schools.

Campbell should be very afraid to be seen in the same venue as John Courage but voters should demand it.


  1. When 1 candidate refuses to appear, the nonpartisan groups SHOULD let the other candidate speak and answer questions. This is the Republican way of suppressing knowledge and it is wrong. As long as if they don't show, their opponent can't, either, they'll continue to do this. However, if it is made clear to them that the opponenet will go on whether they are there or not, maybe that will change. As it is, it is a shameful way of keeping the voters in the dark about who either of the candidates are, and that is just plain anti-American.

  2. Published in the NB Herald-Zeitung 9/17
    Published in the Gonzales Cannon 9/18