Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Letter to the editor - It takes one to know one

Monday Senator John Cornyn sent out an email with the headline: President's Appointments are “Intemperate, Arrogant, and Irresponsible” in which he chastises President Obama for making recess appointments that don’t comply with his precious traditions.

What’s intemperate is John Cornyn and the other Republican senators holding up debate and voting on judicial and agency director nominations rather allowing the Senate to do its constitutionally required job of reviewing them.

What’s irresponsible is John Cornyn and the other Republican senators delaying justice for many because the open court seats prevent cases from being heard and decided in a timely manner.

What’s arrogant is John Cornyn and the other Republican senators deciding without debate that those nominees should not hold the offices for which they have been nominated.

Senator Cornyn, all I can say is Pot meet Kettle.


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