Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fordham Institute gives Texas SBOE a "D" for History standards

If  the Fordham Institute, a conservative think tank, supported by the likes of the Walton family and the Hoover Institute thinks the State Board of Education did a terrible job on history standards you know it’s bad.

This is how the Fordham Institute views the Texas curriculum standards: “Complex historical issues are obscured with blatant politicizing throughout the document. Biblical influences on America’s founding are exaggerated, if not invented. The complicated but undeniable history of separation of church and state is flatly dismissed.”

Fordham describes the way the standards cover racial integration after the end of slavery this way, “During and after Reconstruction, there is no mention of the Black Codes, the Ku Klux Klan, or sharecropping. The term ‘Jim Crow’ never appears. Incredibly, racial segregation is mentioned only in a passing reference to the 1948 integration of the armed forces.” You’d think we never had any racism whatsoever until we solved it all in 1948.

They gave us a D and we in District 5 have Ken Mercer to thank for that. I hope the voters who re-elected him over an experienced college professor, Rebecca Bell-Metereau are happy with their choice. For those of us who voted to replace him there is a silver lining to the state’s budget crisis, at least Texas won’t be buying any books using the new standards anytime soon.

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