Saturday, December 19, 2009

Response to Senator Cornyn's latest scary email about health care reform legislation

A few days ago Senator Cornyn sent out a scary email making a series of spurious claims about the health care reform bill now being debated in the Senate. Refuting it point by point here is useless but I would ask a few questions about what he and the rest of the Republican Party are doing to improve the bill.

Senator, why haven’t you worked to make certain that the reform bill requires insurers to cover pre-existing conditions and prohibit rescission for any reason? Since you’re so certain that competition is the best solution, why haven’t you demanded that insurers loose their anti-trust exemption? Since competition is so useful, why haven’t you demanded that Americans be allowed the opportunity to purchase lower priced imported medications?

Since you are so concerned about the millions of Texans without insurance coverage why don’t you demand that employers either be required to offer insurance coverage to their employees or expand Medicaid to allow low income folks working for companies that don’t offer insurance plans to have medical coverage and at the same time also feed, clothe and house their families? The point of health insurance is to spread the risk so that no one looses their home or life over huge medical bills because we all share in the cost, why haven’t you worked to force insurers to use community rating rather than allowing them to rate individuals so that people with medical problems can find affordable insurance?

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