Friday, November 27, 2009

Cal Thomas and a classic case of projection

In Thursday’s Op-Ed Cal Thomas provides a terrific example of the psychological term projection. He claims that the liberals are taking the country down the path to Socialism when in fact the conservatives have already taken us down the fascist path and all we’re trying to do is get back to where we were when Bill Clinton was in office.

Referring to the emasculated health care reform bill being debated in the Senate he claims, “This is about liberal Democrats realizing their decades-old dream of complete control of our lives.” It’s the conservatives that have a need to control everyone in every aspect of their lives, conservatives are the ones withholding civil rights from gay couples who want to share their lives together as married couples. It’s conservatives who want to maintain the outlaw status of marijuana regardless of what the science says about it’s use or what many Americans do anyway.

Later Mr. Thomas alludes to rationing being part of the health care reform bill and states, “The unwanted, the inconvenient and the ‘burdensome’ could soon be dispatched with a pill, or through neglect.” Apparently he’s unfamiliar with the tens of thousands who die every year due to lack of affordable health care insurance. Mr. Thomas thinks it’s OK for insurance companies to ration care in order to maximize profits but it’s not OK for the government to ensure as the constitution clearly states the “general welfare” of all Americans

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